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Rose Helping Providers Connect with Patients to Monitor Mental Health

About this Project

Rose is a Remote Patient Monitoring solution that helps health care providers stay connected with their patients and monitor their mental health. The solution includes a provider panel to deliver remote care for reimbursement and a patient app with daily assessments, educational content, and telehealth scheduling capability.

How Hexcite Helped

Hexcite was instrumental for finding our market fit within the primary care space. It gave us the structure and resources to carry out the needed stakeholder interviews, hypothesis testing, and networking. Hexcite led to investor connections and pilot opportunities. Programming helped our team further understand the interplay between the business of healthcare and fulfillment of clinical needs.

Post Hexcite Pathway

Since Hexcite, we have shifted our focus to the primary care space and are beginning an aggressive marketing campaign in this space. We are doing a $1.5 seed raise, have a lead investor, and are about to close the round. Our team has grown dramatically, and we have a full executive team and advisory board. Future markets include the child and adolescent space, ACOs, and employer-based healthcare.

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Winner – Hexcite Final Pitch

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Rose Hexcite Team

Dr. Matthew Peters, Kavi Misrilall, Joanna Fadel, Josh Christenson