Our Mission

At the Technology Innovation Center, our mission is to collaborate with clinical researchers and care providers to improve patient care through medical software. We work closely with these change leaders to create novel Health IT solutions at Johns Hopkins and help scale that solution to market.

TIC Leaders

Paul Nagy

Deputy Director

Paul Nagy, PhD, FSIIM, is an Associate Professor of Radiology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Dr. Nagy serves as the Deputy Director of the Johns Hopkins Medicine Technology Innovation Center with the goal of partnering with clinical inventors to create novel healthcare IT solutions.

Cao-Ly Tran

Managing Director

Cao-Ly Tran is the Managing Director of the Johns Hopkins Medicine Technology Innovation Center. For over 17 years, Cao-Ly has served as a leader of product and software engineering for enterprise application systems and brings his skillset to operations, product innovation, and precision medicine.

Meet Our Team

We are designers, software engineers, data analysts, product development and program leaders who support Johns Hopkins’ institutional innovation goals.

Emily Ades

User Experience Designer

George Adjaidoo

Senior Software Engineer

Marc Amick

Principal Software Engineer

Jamin Brown

Full Stack Software Engineer

Rahiem Burgess

Senior Software Engineer

Nick Cannon

Software Engineer

Christopher Cheek

Senior Software Engineer

Zach Deering

Software Engineer

Chris Doyle

Enterprise IT Architect

Cody Franskevicz

Senior Programmer Analyst

Lloyd Gill

Senior Systems Engineer

Melissa Green

Senior IT Project Administrator

William Green

IT Manager

Alex Hall

Senior Software Engineer

Steve Handy

Senior Software Engineer

Tyler Harman

Front End Designer/Developer

Dasia Johnson

inHealth Administrative Coordinator

Matt Jorgenson

Enterprise IT Architect

Ezra Kahn

IT Project Manager

Bill King

Senior Product Manager

Robert Kuryk

Senior Systems Engineer

Sean Lee

Senior Programmer Analyst

Kelly Lynam

IT Unit Director

Anil Mathur

Senior Product Manager

Darius Matthews

Programmer Analyst

James Mbabazi

Senior Programmer Analyst

Adrian McClyde

Senior Software Engineer

Jasmine McNeil

Design and Marketing Manager, Hexcite Program Manager

Dmitri Mejuritsky

Full Stack Application Developer

Aparna Natarajan

Product Manager

Patrick Ostendarp

IT Director

Salma Parween

Business Intelligence Analyst

Katie Patras

User Experience Designer

Sharon Penttinen

Senior Product Manager

Cole Perry

Senior Programmer Analyst

Prasad Paravatha

Senior Machine Learning Operations Engineer

Eduardo Reyes

IT Unit Director

Benjamin Saeks

Senior Business Intelligence Analyst

Biviana Sanchez

IT Project Administrator

Jessica Sanders

Business Project Coordinator

John Scott

IT Manager

Aalok Shah

Director of Product Management

Lior Shahverdi

Senior Software Engineer

Robert Smithwright

Product Manager

Josh Spangler

Senior Software Engineer

Lisa Sparks

Communications & Marketing Manager

Jasmine Strong

User Experience Design Specialist

Adam Sullivan

Senior Software Engineer

Dominic Surrao

Senior Software Engineer

Jay Syed

Business Intelligence Director

David Talley

IT Architect

Brad Tibbils

Software Engineer

James Todaro

Software Engineer

Chris Usilton

Business Intelligence Analyst II

Eliezer Volkis

Programmer Analyst

Amy Young

Graphic Designer

David Zurbuchen

Atlassian Engineer

Ashwini Davison

Physician Advisor

Ashwini Davison, MD, MS, FAMIA is a clinical informatician at Johns Hopkins Medicine with significant experience in digital health entrepreneurship and health systems science. In addition to her role as a Physician Advisor for the Technology Innovation Center, she has leadership roles in online education both in the School of Medicine and the Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Brian Hasselfeld

Physician Advisor

Brian Hasselfeld, MD is Assistant Medical Director for Digital Health Innovations and the Interim Medical Director, Office of Telemedicine for the Office of Johns Hopkins Physicians, Johns Hopkins Medicine. He is board certified in internal medicine and pediatrics and is a practicing adult and pediatric primary care physician.

Join The Team

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