2022 Annual Report

Surfacing Timely Data, Stories, & Results

What Makes Us TIC?

The Technology Innovation Center team’s diverse skills are showcased through our services. Design, development, DevOps, enterprise product management, data analytics, precision medicine, and innovation training wind together, and emerge at the right time to serve the institution…like clockwork.


New Products

Digital Experience Platform

Enhancing Student Experience with a New Dashboard

The Digital Experience Platform (DXP) is a newly released student dashboard displayed as the front page of the Johns Hopkins Student Information System. Pulling from apps scattered across the JHU technology ecosystem, the TIC designed the dashboard with University Information Systems and made design decisions guided by firsthand student feedback. The dashboard provides at-a-glance access to important student information including course and instructor information, help resources, and shortcuts to billing and financial aid accounts. New features will be added on an ongoing basis.  


one-on-one student usability interviews in 2022


of users found what they needed using the dashboard

"I like that the billing, financial aid, and calendar are right there, that used to take a while to navigate to."
"Much more intuitive, user-friendly design than before."
"I'm able to find what I need to. It's much clearer than the last dashboard--I really like it."

Student feedback
Johns Hopkins Universal WordPress Theme

Telling More Digital Stories for Johns Hopkins with a New Web Theme

What do the Johns Hopkins Federal Strategy team, the University Makerspace, and the Office of Interaction with Industry at Johns Hopkins have in common? They are all telling their digital story via the Johns Hopkins Universal WordPress Theme, a new content management service created by the TIC in partnership with University Communications and IT@JH Web Services. Offices, service centers, and other groups who don’t fall under the architecture of the university’s main website and who meet University Communications standards can use the theme to build and manage a flexible, brand-compliant, accessible website.


websites in development or deployed using the Universal WordPress theme in 2022


saved in external website costs (*estimated $5000 custom website development – does not include hosting and security management costs)

"The creation of the Universal WordPress Theme has provided an important opportunity for University Communications to secure brand alignment and continue to guarantee that all website visitors, regardless of ability, have a positive and consistent user experience."

Lauren Custer, Web Administrator, University Communications
TIC COVID dashboard

Tracking and Managing COVID Outbreaks with Dashboards

Administrators relied on the public-facing COVID dashboard, built by the TIC Analytics team, during COVID outbreaks in early 2022. The data sources for this dashboard include the Vaccine Management System, Mazikcare (a tool for tracking COVID cases), and reporting from local and state public health entities. The TIC also supports Occupational Health Services (OHS) with the Employee Health dashboard to track daily test results with a goal of keeping Johns Hopkins people and patients safe. The dashboards allow leadership to plan proactively for gaps when there are surges of illness and staff outages, and potentially avoid the need for high-cost emergency staffing.


students: tests conducted


students: positive cases

You can get additional semester numbers from: COVID dashboard

"The data provided by the TIC team throughout the COVID pandemic was essential to university leadership to inform important operational decisions regarding testing requirements, masking, on-site work, etc. In addition, the public dashboard provided essential information to concerned families who needed to know how much of an impact COVID was having on JHU students and the community."

Shelly Geasler, Senior Project Manager
Web Education for Breast Cancer Survivors

Web Education for Breast Cancer Survivors (WEBS)

The Web Education for Breast Cancer Survivors (WEBS) website gives breast cancer patients and their care team access to educational information and resources, vetted by Johns Hopkins breast cancer experts and individualized by the patient’s breast cancer stage. The TIC team designed and built a digital content platform for the provider team to move their breast cancer education online, making it easier to update and highlight the latest advancements in the field. WEBS is scheduled to launch to a pilot test group in early 2023 before becoming more widely available.


educational articles on WEBS

Replaces well over


binders per year of printed resources

"In the past, everyone was using their own method of sharing resources and there was no streamlined location for breast cancer information. This is a central portal that would gather Hopkins information, resources, community resources, and education all in one place for patients and providers to access."

Jill Mull, Education and Outreach Patient Navigator, Johns Hopkins Medical Oncology


Diabetes Management

Sharing Diabetes Management Knowledge Beyond Johns Hopkins

A large, at-home test kit company releasing a diabetes product to Costco shoppers collaborated with Johns Hopkins Healthcare Solutions to add their Blossom service (diabetes management and education from Johns Hopkins clinicians). The TIC design team helped convert the user experience for Blossom to be self-guided in less than one month to prepare for its consumer debut to Costco customers at the end of 2022.

myJH myProfile

Customizing the Hopkins Digital Experience for Name Preference

The myProfile section of myJH now allows Johns Hopkins affiliates to choose their preferred name, representing a major milestone in supporting diversity and inclusion efforts. The new myJH Beta version also includes an updated architecture and codebase and is set up to support additional features planned for release in 2023. Affiliates can now access 216 software applications and services on the platform.

22,162 records in JHED where the user’s chosen full name differs from their system of record name
Patient Insight

Turning Up Faster Results for Clinical Decision Making

Patient Insight, which displays precision medicine data for pattern review among patient groups, added high impact features in 2022. Nephrology clinicians can now access a patient’s Risk of Kidney Failure score and Risk of Cardiovascular Disease while reviewing trends. This helps clinicians communicate medical interventions with patients. For Myositis clinicians, medications and lab results are now displayed in real-time through FHIR, a data exchange system. Data previously took 48 hours to update.

2,277 page views of Patient Insight in 2022
Precision Medicine Analytics Platform

Energizing Image Processing to Predict Disease Course

Precision Medicine Analytics Platform (PMAP) added an open-source imaging informatics platform, XNAT, allowing the ingestion of large-scale imaging data to support clinical imaging research. It provides secure data access and is easily approachable with self-guided training. XNAT enables better use of optical coherence tomography (OCT) images for Ophthalmology and helps clinicians predict the likely course of a disease, providing optimal patient follow-up.

This new PMAP imaging service can accelerate the implementation of the image-processing project from months to weeks
Vaccine Management System

Relaying Digestible Vaccine Information to Keep Johns Hopkins Healthy

The Analytics and Design teams incorporated user feedback and design best practices to redesign the Vaccine Management System (VMS) dashboard, adding 2022-23 influenza and COVID-19 bivalent booster vaccine data tracking. VMS was also enhanced to support guest accounts for other campus visitors (e.g., vendors and contractors), saving time and money by removing the need to create JHED IDs for these individuals.

76,000 flu vaccines were tracked through VMS in the 2022 season


Biomedical Informatics and Data Science Program

Training the Next Generation of Innovators with the Biomedical Informatics and Data Science Program

The Biomedical Informatics and Data Science Program (BIDS) trains future leaders in health information technology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. The program focuses on precision medicine, clinical analytics, data standards, and designing/deploying innovative solutions in healthcare. Technology Innovation Center staff serve as faculty, lecturers, and mentors in the program.

Paul Nagy

Paul Nagy

Deputy Director at the Technology Innovation Center, also serves as the director of education and training programs for BIDS

Jay Syed

Jay Syed

Business Intelligence Director, taught Database Querying in Health

Jasmine McNeil

Jasmine McNeil

Design Manager, taught Health Information Systems: Design to Deployment

John Scott

John Scott

IT Operating Unit Director, served as guest lecturer for precision medicine-related courses

Eric Schles

Eric Schles

Data Scientist, served as guest lecturer for precision medicine-related courses


Testing Digital Health Start-up Ideas through Team-based Design

The Hexcite program is an early-stage medical software accelerator program for Johns Hopkins-affiliated entrepreneurs. It matches clinically driven ideas with interdisciplinary teams to work through customer discovery and software design with the goal of creating a prototype and gaining traction to launch a pilot.

2022 Hexcite Successes:
Rose Health

Rose Health

(Hexcite ‘20), whose digital platform and mobile app identifies symptoms of mood disorders and connects patients with care, was acquired by California’s Precise Behavioral Health for an undisclosed amount.


The team behind Hero (Hexcite ‘18), who built a new product for safety event reporting and management after participating in Hexcite, partnered with Johns Hopkins Healthcare Solutions and received financial backing from the institution to sell product directly to customers.

Curie DX

Curie DX, which created a mobile app for detecting strep throat through a smartphone camera, won both the audience and judge’s choice in the Hexcite 2022 pitch competition. They also received a Maryland Innovation Initiative Award in 2022 to further prepare their product for the market.

"Our team identified the key hypotheses to test, honed the business model, and sharpened our pitch and presentation skills. One of the most powerful effects of the Hexcite experience was the final pitch day, which brought together noteworthy people from the community." Therese Canares, MD, MBA, Founder, CurieDX and Hexcite 2022 participant 

Shaping Skilled Data Stewards

Leadership in Analytics and Data Science (LEADS) is a hands-on leadership development program for Johns Hopkins analysts. The program combines technical data science training with data stewardship policy from the Johns Hopkins Medicine Data Trust. Each LEADS session is led by analytics leadership from across the institution for knowledge sharing that creates community.

2022 LEADS facts:
LEADS Launched its 7th cohort with 43 students and 23 mentors, the largest cohort thus far.
The program has engaged 216 Johns Hopkins affiliates in data analytics training and mentorship since it began in 2017.
Jay Syed, Business Intelligence Director, and Phil Stablein, Johns Hopkins Revenue Analytics Systems Manager are both graduates of an early version of LEADS, resulting in growth for themselves as well as the analytics community. They now design and implement the curriculum for LEADS.

"I now think of my career at Johns Hopkins as pre-LEADS and post-LEADS. The program provided me with a launch point to learn tangible techniques and tools I could apply in my job right away, as well as introductions to an engaged network of Hopkins experts ready and willing to share knowledge and give advice." Jeremy Durkin, Data Analytics Manager, Fund for Johns Hopkins Medicine
What's Next

Dialing Forward to 2023: Expanding Services and Data

The TIC created technologies that pushed more data to researchers to seed discovery, gathered decision-driving information into dashboards, and delivered the services of Johns Hopkins’ greatest resource (its people) to broader audiences in 2022. In 2023, we turn our focus to expanding myJH, streamlining clinical processes, helping more providers benefit from precision medicine services, and collecting reliable information through tools like the Data Lake House.