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Mapping the Post-Pandemic Digital Health Landscape


Leadership Letter

Projects spanned every dimension of innovation to keep Johns Hopkins moving forward amidst the pandemic storm

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Leadership Letter

Case Studies


Monitoring Wearables for Clinical Research

inHealthBlocks is a digital platform designed and developed in a collaboration with the Johns Hopkins Technology Innovation Center and Microsoft. This platform enables patients to participate in Johns Hopkins clinical research studies that use wearable devices to collect biological and biochemical signal data remotely and securely. It also provides a centralized management tool for research study coordinators to make their process more effective and productive.


concurrent participants
in 2025 (estimated forecast)

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Simplifying Access to IT@JH Website Content

The new IT@JH website contains information about leadership, careers, governance, help and support, and services. The TIC worked with leaders from the IT@JH Solutions Center to redesign and deploy this updated, easy-to-navigate site. 


links to help pages for detailed
how-to information on IT services

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Mortality Review

Reviewing Deaths to Improve Quality of Care

The Johns Hopkins Health System Mortality Review Program allows Johns Hopkins healthcare team members to review patient deaths. The program provides an automated system to get frontline clinician feedback and a centralized repository for any aspects of the patient’s care that may have contributed to their death. The TIC worked with leaders from the Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality to develop, design, and implement this system for clinical providers.


cases reviewed per year

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Mortality Review

JHHS Balance

Removing Burden to Enable Mental Health Access

The Johns Hopkins Healthcare Solutions (JHHS) team partnered with Johns Hopkins providers to build a tool that helps participants understand the mental health care they need while directly connecting them to providers accepting new patients. The TIC design team worked with Healthcare Solutions to provide user experience recommendations and design new interfaces for this solution, removing burden and enabling access.

> 500

active users on Balance

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JHHC Balance

Vaccine Management System

Tracking Vaccine Status to Keep Johns Hopkins Safe

A team of TIC designers, developers, and software analysts created the Vaccine Management System (VMS) to serve the needs of health services teams from the university and health system when vaccines rolled out and tracking was required. VMS allows individuals to upload and input vaccine or exception information. Health services and equity teams use the system approve the documentation or request more information. Participants receive automated reminders when vaccine documentation is in review, approved, or late.

~ 86,000

vaccines or exceptions documented

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Vaccine Management


Precision Medicine

Precision Medicine

Swapping Patient Analyses to Strengthen Patient Outcomes Research

Johns Hopkins Orthopedics researchers joined global research teams on September 8, 2021 to run parallel analysis on surgical outcomes in wrist arthritis patients. The network aggregated outcomes from 40 participating surgeons in one day by leveraging a replicable program for secure, onsite data analysis. Johns Hopkins participation in Odyssey, a 3000-member community that provides a common data model (OMOP) and tools for data analysis made this feat possible. In 2021 the Technology Innovation Center Precision Medicine team helped collect its richest data set yet using OMOP, with 2.5 million patients and over 500 million data points. Participation in these network studies promises a future where Johns Hopkins could lead global analyses focusing on outcomes discovery for the rare disease populations it serves.

Chesapkeake DHX

Chesapeake DHX (CDHX)

Chesapeake Digital Health Exchange Expands Up and Out

Chesapeake Digital Health Exchange (CDHX) expanded upward with a massive digital health funding infusion and outward – to pharma and online teaching – in 2021. In May, CDHX (led by Johns Hopkins Tech Ventures and the Technology Innovation Center), co-sponsored a discussion among pharma companies about digital health’s role in their transformation. By November, Chesapeake DHX ventured into online training, releasing its first in a series of digital health entrepreneurship-focused courses on Coursera. The course supported 132 learners in the last two months of 2021. A massive funding expansion hit digital health in 2021. Among the 42 tracked portfolio companies in the fall (tracking began in September 2019), funding hit $95 million. 

Student Services Experience Initiative (SSEI)

Student Services Experience Initiative (SSEI)

Human-Centered Design Builds a New Student Digital Experience Plan

The TIC infused a human-centered approach into student experience software in 2021 by leading a series of design sessions to launch a Digital Experience Initiative. The initiative establishes a device-agnostic digital home for students, creates a data model that promotes personalization, and creates new digital applications to enhance and improve learner experience. The TIC led interviews and focus groups to guide selection of which features to include. In addition, TIC continued its work promoting centralized case management and tracking for the Student Enrollment and Account Management (SEAM) team, including designing and building a new SEAM website. In 2021, the SEAM team received and managed over 100,000 SEAM cases. 

Johns Hopkins Tech Hub

Johns Hopkins Tech Hub

Serving Tech Needs with Speed

The Johns Hopkins Tech Hub served the Johns Hopkins departments and community with over $3 million in gross sales in 2021. The technology store, which also provides service repairs, kept its doors open even during case spikes, increased staff, and ramped up the inventory it had on hand for quick delivery of laptops, monitors, docks and more. The Tech Hub also began offering iPhone repairs on site more widely for departmental and personal devices.

500+ M

data points in Precision Medicine’s common data model


CDHX online learners


student cases managed through SEAM

$3+ M

gross sales at the JH Tech Hub

Two Program Personalities

Hexcite: Excited for Healthcare

The 2021 Hexcite (early stage digital health accelerator) participants harnessed the tools already at our fingertips to build remote wellness software that supports healthcare’s digital expansion. Learn more about each team who completed customer discovery, designed their application, and planned a pilot this year.

Program - Hexcite

Monitor breathing through a t-shirt. Diagnose your hearing loss with Air Pods. Reduce anxiety with a VR headset and virtual dodgeball. Do all this and more with the new crop of digital health tools that came out of Hexcite this year.


people virtually viewed
the final pitch event

LEADS: Leadership in Analytics and Data Science

LEADS  trains  data analysts in weekly sessions through process sharing to support the continued maturity of data stewardship in the Johns Hopkins community. Learn more about the skills they gained this year.

Program - Leads

Train with the tools that data managers across Johns Hopkins are using. Build a data analytics network. Work with real clinical data. Participants in the 2020-2021 cohort of LEADS checked all these boxes, and more.


people worked together in
the LEADS program in 2021

Valuing Team Perspectives

Peek into the diverse experiences that map the TIC team’s unique expertise

UX Designer

UX Designer Rotate Card
A User Experience Designer, who applies design thinking to healthcare software projects in precision medicine, but also knows her way around a camera, built on communications skills learned from teaching photography and working in an advertising agency to communicate with patients and clinicians.

Development Lead

Development Lead Rotate Card
A Product Development Lead, who is often the face of the TIC — mustache or not — honed his skills acquiring customers by selling baseball bats at sports stadiums and working at the deli meat counter.

Data Analyst

Data Analyst Rotate Card
A Senior Business Intelligence Analyst, data-storyteller by day and Dungeons and Dragons master by night, excels in designing data flow thanks to Rokenbok, a game he learned in kindergarten that sharpened his design and systems thinking skills.


Plotting innovative projects that serve some of the most pressing clinical and institution-wide problems requires collaborations grounded in Johns Hopkins teams with deep expertise. In 2021, we also embarked on external collaborations to build infrastructure and apply our embedded healthcare experience.


Plotting innovative projects that serve some of the most pressing clinical and institution-wide problems requires collaborations grounded in Johns Hopkins teams with deep expertise. In 2021, we also embarked on external collaborations to build infrastructure and apply our embedded healthcare experience.