About this Project

The Prodensity mobile app provides resources for a safe return to campus during the COVID-19 pandemic. The app allows users to take a daily COVID Health Check, check into and out of monitored spaces to follow density requirements, and track required asymptomatic COVID testing. Users can change their on-campus status or report travel plans which may affect testing requirements. The app also includes flu and COVID vaccine compliance tracking.


The COVID-19 pandemic forced remote work and study to keep the Johns Hopkins community safe. As the pandemic extended beyond its first weeks, Johns Hopkins leaders recognized the need to help students, staff, and faculty safely return to on-campus work and study. Those who needed to get back to essential campus work required a convenient COVID Health Check and density monitoring in workspaces. As more Johns Hopkins affiliates returned to campus, they also needed quick notifications about testing requirements and easy access to COVID test scheduling. Designers and engineers from the Technology Innovation Center and University Information Systems teamed up to develop a comprehensive solution addressing these challenges.


The Prodensity app provides the COVID Health Check and occupancy awareness for campus workspaces. Participants complete the COVID Health Check every 12 hours if they plan to access campus. Employees and students entering multi-person workspaces use the app’s QR scanner to check in and out of buildings and other common spaces. Employees and students can also view the capacity of workspaces before leaving for work or study. When students returned to Johns Hopkins campuses in Fall 2020, the development team connected Prodensity with MyChart (patient portal) to track required COVID testing requirements and assist those on campus with accessing COVID-19 testing scheduling. All of this was accomplished in record time using a highly coordinated effort across the institution.

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Prodensity Team

Designed and developed by the Johns Hopkins Technology Innovation Center and University Information Systems teams with assistance from Johns Hopkins leadership and students.