About this Project

The myJH portal is a centralized access point to hundreds of Johns Hopkins web applications and key information about the Johns Hopkins community. TIC teams rebuilt and updated the myJH portal with several new features to improve user experience. Enhancements include the new single search bar, the ability to switch between search types, “favorite” most used apps, and choose preferred pronouns and preferred names.


Previously users had to go through multiple steps to find the apps they need, people to connect with, topics they’re interested in, and Departments within Johns Hopkins. Finding news and events was not always simple. Getting to the apps used the most often wasn’t possible. Johns Hopkins affiliates who want to designate preferred pronouns or display a name different than their given name were stuck with the default gender pronouns and the name in their system of record.


The updated portal features a convenient tiled layout and Johns Hopkins affiliates can now “favorite” their most-used apps to remain at the top of the myJH screen. Users can switch between search types by clicking the option above the search bar and myJH remembers what search type was last used. News and Events appear on the myJH home page. The options to choose preferred pronouns and preferred name are available in myJH Profile, representing a major milestone in supporting diversity and inclusion efforts.

Human-centered Design Research
User Experience Design
Mobile Applications
Enterprise Product Management