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OtoPhoto Leveraging Machine Learning for More Accessible Ear Exams 

About this Project

Otophoto redefines ear infection care, leveraging artificial intelligence to give everyone the accuracy of an ear specialist. The goal of Otophoto is to save time and money spent on expensive emergency room visits, reduce over-prescription of antibiotics, and decrease the need for frequent in-person visits.

How Hexcite Helped

Hexcite provided the mentorship and tools required to transform our clinical idea into a developed concept, formatted to highlight the metrics that investors (charitable grant/venture capitalist) seek. The program provides mentorship from faculty who have hands on experience successfully working within the startup community and stewarding academic research from the lab bench to market. We have appreciated the continued mentorship beyond the 16-week program. We continue to meet regularly with our mentors and they have been crucial in the success of the team, providing advice and opening new opportunities thanks to their established network. Without Hexcite our clinical idea would likely have remained just that.

Post Hexcite Pathway

Our initial goal was to seek and secure funding. We knew that we had a comprehensive concept, which we could efficiently/concisely describe and were well prepared to address questions from investors. When it came time to securing a patent our Hexcite mentor told us who we should talk with at JHTV and attended our meeting with us to help guide the process. Currently we are refining our Artificial Intelligence Algorithm and the otoscope (instrument to examine ear) that will house it.

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Otophoto Hexcite Team

Dr. James Clark, Dr. Therese Canares, Johns Rzasa, Mathias Unberath