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Depictation Assisting Surgeons with 3D Recording of Complex Surgeries in the Medical Record

About this Project

Depictation is a surgery planning and recording tool using a 3D model of the gastrointestinal track with drag and drop features that take minutes to modify. The image is signable and embeddable in the electronic medical record.

How Hexcite Helped

Hexcite helped the Depictation team gain Thalheimer funding with program guidance on writing the application, technical estimation, and support with review once funding was received. The TIC development team assisted with search and technical review of an outside contractor to build the 3D prototype. Hexcite also provided testing guidance, which included creating a partnership with design thinking practicum at Carey Business School so Depictation could accumulate feedback efficiently with a larger team.

Post Hexcite Pathway

After Hexcite the Depictation team was able to build the second version of its prototype using Thalheimer funds to test the mobility of more components and the addition of more anatomically correct design. The team also developed and carried out a comprehensive testing plan for surgeons and other users.


Hexcite Final Pitch – Winner

Louis B. Thalheimer Fund

“I’ve got to be honest with you, this has taken me completely out of my comfort zone. This is not what I do. And this is the best part of my week the last 16 weeks. It has just been fabulous. It’s absolutely fantastic.”

Dr. Dave Efron, Surgery

Depictation Hexcite Team

Dr. Dave Efron, Corey Sandone, Julia Lerner, Lukas Manka