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Corrie Health Empowering Patients and Families in their Daily Heart Health Care

About this Project

Corrie empowers patients and families in their daily heart health care plan with their smartphone, smartwatch, and devices. It is designed to help patients and their families take an active role in their healthcare using tools that are part of everyday life.

How Hexcite Helped

The Hexcite program assisted Corrie Health (then called the Health-e App) with applying to and receiving translational funding by reviewing the applications and providing technical language as well as budget. Corrie Health connected with Johns Hopkins Business Development to visit Apple headquarters and work on the design of their app just after the Hexcite program concluded. Hexcite also helped the team do customer discovery to broaden the app’s focus.

Post Hexcite Pathway

The Corrie team traveled to Apple headquarters to work on prototypes and created a CareKit app that is now connected with the Apple Watch. They also completed the IRB-approved MiCORE study at Johns Hopkins Hospital and Johns Hopkins Bayview. The team has received numerous awards and recognition to continue the development of their app and start-up.

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American Heart Association Grantee – Strategically Focused Research Network on Health

Technologies and Innovation TEDCO – Maryland Innovation Initiative Fund

Wallace H. Coulter Translational Supported by Research Partnership

Louis B. Thalheimer Fund

Johns Hopkins Individualized Health Initiative
Aetna Foundation

Device donations from Apple Inc. and iHealth Labs

Corrie Hexcite team

Dr. Francoise Marvel, Dr. Seth Martin, Matthias Lee