Simplifying, secure group
communication in hospitals

About this Project

Team CORUS is a HIPAA-compliant web- and mobile-based application that enables secure
communication between individuals and care teams within the healthcare delivery environment.
In 2016, the TIC began building Team CORUS to replace the existing Johns Hopkins' clinical
communication web application. Team CORUS contains simple and accessible features to enable
efficient, hospital-wide communication, including: group-based messaging, file-sharing, and a
platform that enables messaging from most mobile devices.

The Challenge

The existing clinical communication web application at Johns Hopkins was a success, but lacked features for group messaging, secure file-sharing, and conversations that center around a patient. The challenge for the Technology Innovation Center team was to transition and replace a critical piece of Johns Hopkins' communication infrastructure. The transition required planning, coordination, and education in addition to the significant time spent developing a custom, HIPAA-compliant software platform. The TIC team uses agile development methods to open critical communications channels for clinical staff and continually improve the experience.

The Outcome

After 2.5 years of development and testing, Team CORUS successfully replaced the legacy system for clinical messaging at Johns Hopkins Hospital in May 2018. The application helps staff to cut down on time spent searching in the clinical directory, keeps clinical team members updated on major patient events, and helps close communication loops faster with all participants on the same platform. More messages than ever are being sent through the CORUS web and mobile applications. Patient-centered messaging and integration into other platforms are on the horizon. As care team communication improves, so does care for the patient.

  • Mobile Applications
  • Device Integration
  • User Experience Design
  • Social Communities


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